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Guangxi Nongda Kangyuan Biologics Co.,Ltd was builded on 2012, loacted in Industrial Restruring Industrial Park,Heshan City, Guangxi,China.there are 40mu of floor space and more than 20000㎡ of area of structure. the main production line are: Powder, dispersant, premix and Chinese medicine extraction. we are the manufacturer factory which have R&D,producing /selling and service on cultivation technique of veterinary biologics products.

on March,2017, we was build up two new production lines which manufacturing Veterinary grade iron dextran, this iron dextran production line can make out iron dextran solution 2000Tons/year, iron dextran powder 300Tons/year. Another production line was the veterinary tablets.



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Guangxi Nongda Kangyuan Biologics Co.,Ltd

Address: No.6 Guangyuan Road, Industrial Restruring Industrial Park, Heshan City, Guangxi,China

PC: 546500

Administrating Office:

Tel:+86-0772-8937378                              E-mail: office@ndkybio.com 

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Tel:+86-0771-3807731                              Fax:+86-0771-3821020